Javascript Outsourcing

Hire affordable and experienced Javascript developers for your Javascript outsourcing needs.

We at TECHCONSULTI work with the best Javascript developers. Hire our full-stack Javascript developers for a full range of services including Javascript web application development, ongoing maintenance, management, upgrade, and setting up your dedicated Javascript development team.

Javascript Outsourcing

TECHCONSULTI offers the following Javascript outsourcing services

Javascript Web Application Development

Hire our Javascript developers. We have great experience in building secure, robust, much valued and high performance Javascript web applications.

Javascript Upgrades & Migrations

We integrate and upgrade your existing app with Javascript – we migrate it from Python, .NET, PHP or others.

Javascript Maintenance & Management

Our offshore Javascript developers keep your web applications managed & maintained following the best-practices.

Full-stack Javascript Development

Hire our full-stack Javascript developers. We can work on fontend as well as backend of your web apps.

Dedicated Javascript Developers

Hire TECHCONSULTI dedicated Javascript developers. We are experienced in building robust web solutions for our customers in diverse industries.

Javascript eCommerce / CMS Development

Our remote Javascript developers provide expert eCommerce solutions & CMS development services to our customers.

Why JavaScript?

Javascript is the most popular programming language for the web, let’s see why

Javascript is essential for web development

Javascript is supported by all popular browsers. Using JavaScript also allows full integration with page layout (HTML+CSS) and server side (backend).

Great performance and speed

Javascript allows partial processing of web pages on the user’s computer, without sending requests to the server. Thus outsourcing JavaScript development eventually saves time and traffic and reduces the server load.

Simplicity of use

A simple task can be solved in few minutes. For complex tasks, there are many possible solutions. So you can hire a JavaScript developer who will choose and adapt the best one.

Wide use

Any browser, any operating system supports this language. There will be no problems with the launch on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. The website developer now does not need to write separate versions for different types of devices and test and fix unexpected bugs. Checking code performance in most popular browsers is enough. All browsers, even the lesser-known ones, are developed with the ability to run Javascript.

There is no need of installation on the user’s computer

Javascript runs directly in the browser when the page loads. The user doesn’t take any actions to do this and doesn’t even notice that the web app has launched. Therefore, no special knowledge and skills are required to use Javascript development products.

JavaScript Frameworks We Are Experts In

Hire offshore Javascript developers from TECHCONSULTI.
We excel in working on numerous Javascript frameworks for building tailor-made applications as per your business requirements.


Main Application of JavaScript Development

Javascript for the Web

Creating a web application in JavaScript is one of the basic features of this programming language. The web app runs with a browser, and in fact, it is a site with interactive elements through which the users interact.

Javascript for Server apps

Almost any service works on a “client-server” model. This means that its architecture has a part that is responsible for receiving, processing and outputting the information.This is precisely what Javascript server-side web app development is about. It is not a full-fledged program, but its backend part allows performing the necessary functions.

Javascript Mobile applications

With JavaScript development outsourcing and creating mobile apps for Android with Javascript, you get the advantage that your project also will work for iOS. You don’t need to create two separate teams. Instead, you can just take advantage of the cross-platform nature of Javascript.

Javascript for Browser extensions

Since JavaScript executes code in the browser, it’s a great choice for creating browser extensions.

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