Prestashop Banner Top Module

Simple and easy to use module for Prestashop which adds a banner at the top of your store.

Easily customize the background color of the banner, the text, the links, and you can add a countdown in the top bar.

You can use the banner for announcements, promotions, discounts and more.

The best way to tell your customers about a promotion, or to communicate that your store is closed for holidays, to promote free shipping, and more.

Here you can see how the banner looks like in the front-end of your Prestahop store

How the PrestaShop Banner Top Appears in Front End

Prestashop Banner Top Module Desktop
Prestashop Banner Top Module Tablet
Prestashop Banner Top Module Mobile

Here are the options you can set in the backend of your store:

How the PrestShop Banner Top Appears in Back End

Prestashop Banner Top Module Admin Back End

The Prestashop Banner Top is really easy to use and intuitive, however, if you need any help, you can check our documentation below:

PrestShop Banner Top Module - Documentation

How to install the Banner module

In the admin section of your Prestashop store, click on Improve -> Modules -> Module Manager to go to the Module Manager section.

Then click on Upload a Module at the top of the screen

Prestashop Banner Top Install Module

Then drag the module file and upload it.

Prestashop Banner Top Select Module

The module is now installed! You can click on “Configure” to see the options.

Prestashop Banner Top Module Configure

How to configure the Banner module

To configure the banner, search for the banner module in the module catalog of your Prestashop, and click on “Configure

Configure Prestashop Banner Top

In the settings you can configure the following options:

Activate banner: turn on or off the banner

Background: select the background color of the banner

Add banner border: choose to apply, or not, a border to your banner

Border color: select the color for the border

Opacity: select banner opacity

Add countdown timer: enable or disable the countdown in the banner

Countdown color: choose the color for the countdown.

In the Top Banner Content section:

Content: is the text that will appear in the banner. You can insert HTML here

Start Date: the banner will be visible from this date

End Date: the banner will be visible to this date. If the countdown is active, this is the date for the countdown.

Prestashop Banner Top Module Admin Back End

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