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With our team of expert developers, TECHCONSULTI CO. LTD. is equipped to support start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses to maximize the potential of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs aim to increase user engagement, improve conversions, and increase the awareness of your brand on web and mobile platforms.

PWA Development Company

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web pages designed to appear as native apps. They offer combined mobile experience and compatibility with standard web browsers. Technically, PWAs are different from native apps, however, they offer the same (if not better): natural flow, great visual content, and user experience as native apps.

Modern web technology is used to provide an app-like experience inside the browser so that your users can access it without having to download the mobile app.

Progressive Web App Features

Fast: Loads instantly when launched, ensuring an immediate and efficient result while eliminating network dependence.

Progressive: Applicable to any mobile, table, or web device.

Perfect: Delivers consistent, smooth, secured, and real-time user experience.

Better coverage: Easy to install. The user can enjoy the products and services you offer with just a few clicks.

Engaging: PWAs are installed on the user device’s home screen. This improves the opportunity to stay engaged with your customers through frequent visibility.

Keep connected: Keeps you connected with your users through push notifications, aiming to maintain user engagement and ultimately drives users’ loyalty to your brand or product.

Searchable: Maximize your brand visibility on search engines, eliminating the process of having to check the app store for availability.

Easy-to-use: Delivers a user-friendly interface which supports customization of your brand interactions with users across all digital platforms.

Offline functionality: Works offline seamlessly without any disruptions.

Complete control: With Web App Manifest, you can manage 100% of how your apps appears when launching at any given time. You can customize what will appear in your users’ web browsers, such as the icons, screen orientation, and more.

App Shell

We guarantee faster and more reliable application shell loading as they would with native apps.

Service Worker

PWAs include a service worker; a script loaded in the background to synchronize the application and the push notifications achieving real-time access while providing an added offline support advantage to your users.

Web app manifest

Your PWAs will feel and look like native apps on your home screen which will increase the engagement and the conversions for your company with the utilization of JSON based manifest.

What are the Problems Solved by PWA?

Reduced costs

Contrary to typical mobile applications, PWAs significantly reduce the development costs without reducing the ability of creating premium applications with great functionality. You will spend much less than what you would usually spend when creating traditional mobile apps.

Automatic updates

PWAs not only reduce development time, but they also offer real time content update. This enables you to provide smooth and seamless experience to your users, reach your business targets, and grow your brand awareness faster.

Great traffic and conversions

A common problem with a huge number of mobile applications is a slow-to-respond interface. With faster loading time and engaging features, PWA is a great way to attract more users, reduce bounce rates, increase the duration of the sessions, and optimize the conversions. Push notifications will sustain user engagement and ultimately drives users’ loyalty to your brand or product.

High-speed user experience

No user experience is more satisfying than the ability of a mobile app to load as fast as a desktop app. Around fifty three percent (53%) of users will leave a web or mobile site if does not load in 3 seconds. The good thing with PWA is you can carry out engaging web experience regardless what kind internet connection your users have. This ensures that you can reach out to all your users, whether app or non-app, with minimal effort.

PWA Design and Development Services

TECHCONSULTI CO. LTD does an extraordinary job integrating the great experience in progressive web app technology into web and mobile app development, providing exceptional functionality and seamless user experience.

PWA from scratch

With the combination of the latest technology, years of experience, and consistent drive for excellence, our team follows a tried and tested efficient and structured end-to-end approach from conceptualization to the deployment.

Migration to PWA

Migrate your existing web and mobile solutions to PWA for improved accessibility, offline access, and a secure user experience. We have the knowledge to deliver reliable and scalable PWA development solutions aiming to maximize engagement across all platforms.

Existing PWA maintenance

Our experts at TECHCONSULTI are always a step ahead, predicting and resolving any potential functionality problem and making sure that your apps are always at the top SERP on Google. We also guarantee that your app will be always up to date to keep it at top performance.

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