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We at TECHCONSULTI work with the best Wordpress and PHP developers. Hire our WordPress developers for a full range of services. Our programmers have many years of experience in building beautiful, fast, scalable, secure and robust web sites using the WordPress CMS. We offer web site development, ongoing maintenance, management, upgrade, and setting up your dedicated WordPress development team.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows users to create dynamic websites and blogs.

WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the web and allows you to update, customize and manage a website from its CMS and back-end components, up to the development of rather complex web applications.

WordPress allows user management, making it possible to you to manage user information such as changing the role of users (subscriber, collaborator, author, publisher or administrator), creating or deleting the user, changing the password and user information. The main role of the user management system of WordPress is user authentication.

WordPress has a system of theme management that allows you to change the design and functionality of the site. Including images, style sheets, template files, and custom pages.

It has also a system of plugin management, with a huge number of plug-ins that allows you to have customized functions and features according to the needs of your users.

WordPress helps with Search Engine Optimization: it Provides several search engine optimization (SEO) tools and add-ins that make SEO on the site easier

It also makes it easy to translate the entire content into the user's preferred language.

WordPress has many more functionalities, like the ability to create restricted areas, many security tools, social integration, and much more...

Outsource WordPress Development Services

WordPress Site Development

Are you launching a new site? Do you need a re-design? We will help you identify the best design, layout and branding for your business. Our experts take care of the design and development. Then, once the look is approved, we will bring your vision to life.

Maintenance of a WordPress Site

Keeping your site up-to-date is extremely important for the security, functionality, and appearance of your site. We will maintain your WordPress site properly and process all updates for your themes and plugins, making sure your site is stable and secure.

WordPress theme Customization

Exclusive theme development services that help you create your unique online image. We provide editing services for various WordPress themes without affecting the content of your website.


We can help you optimize your site for search engines and users. As a Outsource WordPress development company, we have extensive knowledge of best practices for SEO, page load speed, navigation, content hierarchy, and more. Proper optimization is critical to the success of your site.

Site changes

Do you need to update some outdated text? Change some images? Add new testimonials? We will take care of it for you. Whatever updates you need, our teams are happy to help. So instead of using your precious time to make changes on your own, all you have to do is send us an email.

Why use WordPress?

Some of the advantages in using WordPress:

  • User-friendly
    WordPress is simple, adaptable, and offers a user-friendly interface for managing content. The recent updates of the CMS (which definitively includes the Gutenberg editor) have made it even more intuitive, based on an increasingly developed accessibility and very attentive to the user experience of users.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    WordPress is SEO friendly. Website and WordPress developers know how much SEO is important and therefore they have developed this CMS in such a way that search engines like it. WordPress has many plugins available to better manage information related to search engine optimization.
  • Thousands of Themes
    The fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world means that new themes, features and plugins are created every day. The security aspects are also constantly monitored by the developer community and the software is constantly updated.
  • Multimedia
    Media files can be uploaded easily and quickly.
  • Roles
    It allows you to create different roles for website users such as Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber.

Why Outsource WordPress Development from TECHCONSULTI

We have some of the best developers working on web development projects. If you want to hire WordPress developers with experience in building robust web solutions for your business, TECHCONSULTI is the perfect company to go for.

Here are some reasons why to use our WordPress outsourcing developers

Integrity & Transparency

You don’t have to worry about information leaking. Our developers team work transparently and follow strict NDAs.

Free Quote

You tell us your project idea, and we provide you with a no-cost estimate.

Hassle-free Project Management

Our experienced Project Managers will work on your project, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Ongoing Feedback

We regularly report your complete project status details to keep you fully updated.

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